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    GOUGING CARBONS ELECTRODES can be used for cutting, welding defects removing, making holes, welding inspection, and removing over-welded parts.

    JOINTED CARBONS ELECTRODES` usage are to remove bids and welding defects, and making mold holes. This products are used in auto welding machines & manual welding machines.

    RECTANGULAR CARBONS ELECTRODES are mainly used for removing weld bids and over-welded parts. The shape of rectangular prevents over removing of materials by excessive arc concentrating.

    关于我们 | ABUOUT US

    SHILI GRAPHITE ELECTRODES MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. was founded to manufacuture gouging carbons electrodes. We have concentrated on one item, gouging carbons and accumulated a lot of experiences in gouging carbon business. Shilicarbon, our brand, is consists of three basic components.